How do I know if a prescription is refillable?

The number of usable refills you currently have can be located on your prescription bottle label as well as your prescription receipt. For example, the remaining refills on your prescription bottle label can be confirmed by locating the highlighted#____ refills until ____” near the top middle of the label. If this information is unavailable to you, or you would just rather ask us personally, please feel free to call, fax or e-mail us, and one of our staff members will be happy to assist you.

Can my written prescriptions become invalid over time?

In accordance with FDA regulations, no prescribed medication can be continuously dispensed without renewal. Non-controlled prescriptions remain valid, hence refillable, until one year after the date they are written by your doctor. Controlled substances have only a six month refill allowance. Narcotics must be renewed every refill. To locate the date a prescription refill was written, simply locate “ORIG,” and that date which follows, in the bottom left corner of your prescription bottle. If you are unsure as to the classification of your particular prescription drug, or if any of this information is unavailable, please contact us by phone, fax, or e-mail.

I have refills remaining on an invalid prescription. Can I still refill this prescription?

Unfortunately, no. In order for a pharmacy to be able to sell prescription drugs lawfully, the prescription must meet both of the following criteria: refillable and valid. All remaining refills are null and void should your prescription “expire” before you get to use them.

What if a doctor verbally instructs me to increase the amount of medication I am taking?

Please have the doctor, or nurse, phone, fax or email us with the new directions.  This is especially important if you have insurance.  This will save you time and allow us to better serve you.

Is it safe to take a medication that is past the expiration date?

This a question that is somewhat debated in the medical community. The general consensus, however, is that most (not all) medications may be safely consumed after the expiration date, up to a period several years even, though at the cost of its intended potency and usefulness. We do not recommend the consumption of expired medication. It is in your best interest to simply renew the medication to avoid any unwanted complications.

How should I go about renewing a prescription that is out of refills and/or invalid?

When calling in refill orders by phone, our automated voicemail system  will inform you whether or not your prescription can be refilled and will give you the option to let us contact your doctor, or to let you contact him/her yourself. Usually, it is unnecessary to contact your doctor yourself unless you are in serious need of your prescription(s). We also accept refill authorization requests verbally, or by fax or e-mail.

Please Note: We are unable to actually speak with your doctor personally. All refill requests are either faxed to your doctor’s office or left on their voicemail. Requests generally take between 24-72 hours to elicit a response from your doctor?s office (depending on the office). If your refill request is an emergency, we recommend that YOU contact your doctor!

How do I order a prescription that was filed for later use?

Prescriptions that have been put ?on hold? may be ordered by phone (verbally only), fax, e-mail, or online, just as you might a normal prescription. However, instead of giving us the prescription number, please just provide the prescription name (or a description if you do not know the name) and inform us that it has been filed/put on hold (this is method is necessary due to the fact that ?on hold? prescriptions are assigned new prescription numbers when transferred to our computer system – calling in your old prescription number(s), therefore, might result in us inadvertently calling your doctor for additional refills).

Can you help me with drug and insurance-related issues?

Our pharmacy staff can generally provide on-site consultations anytime during normal business hours ? extremely busy times are the exception. Appointments are not necessary, though appreciated. Although insurance problems are probably best directed toward your insurance company, our pharmacists will be happy to assist you with their wide range of experience and expertise. Due to the large numbers of factors that exist with these issues, we cannot address any specific problems in this FAQ. However, you may call, fax, or e-mail us at ANY time and we will respond directly or return your inquiry as soon as possible.

Toggle titleCan I have prescriptions transferred to you from another drug store, or vice versa?

Of course! Please just provide us with the name of the pharmacy, the pharmacy’s telephone number, the prescription name(s) or number(s), and the nature of the transfer (i.e. from us to them, or them to us).

Please Note: Controlled medications may only be transferred ONCE. Narcotics may NOT BE TRANSFERRED, so please choose your pharmacy wisely in this regard.

How do I setup a new account?

We want you to know how much we appreciate you choosing us, first of all! Please just contact us and provide us with the following information: your name, birthdate, permanent address, phone number, insurance information (you may either fax / e-mail a copy of the card, or bring it to us personally), prescription allergies (if applicable), any prescriptions you would like transferred from another pharmacy (if applicable), and your e-mail address (not required). If you have any questions or concerns, many of which may be addressed by this F.A.Q., you are welcome to contact us at anytime – and, once again, THANK YOU!

How do I request refills by phone?

Use the automated voicemail system for Castellon Discount Pharmacy that records refill orders by phone. It can be accessed at any time of day, even after closing. To leave prescription orders, simply follow the verbal prompts and you will be informed when your prescription(s) will be available for pick-up/delivery. If you do not have your prescription number available, or you simply wish to speak with us personally, you may press ?0? at anytime during your call and you will be transferred to the first available staff member during normal business hours.

Toggle titleWhen calling in my prescription order verbally, what information should I have ready?

First, please be sure that your prescription has refills available and/or is valid. Please refer to this F.A.Q. if you are unsure of these criteria. Second, please provide the person to whom you are speaking with your name, the prescription number(s) you wish refilled (or the name/description of the prescriptions), any over-the-counter (OTC) items you would like included in your order (if applicable), whether said item(s) is/are pick-up or delivery, and any special instructions/questions you may have. Third, we would very much appreciate if you would inform us if your telephone number, address, insurance information, or any other pertinent information has recently changed!

I think I pressed a wrong button on the automated system! How do I fix this?

No problem. Please just give us a call and we will be happy to verify your order. Better safe than sorry!

Is there an option on the automated system for ordering prescriptions on file?

At this time, our automated system is incapable of distinguishing between refills and new prescriptions orders. You may, however, call and speak with one of our staff, fax, or email us. Please see this FAQ for further details about “on hold” prescriptions.

What if I have a question not addressed by this FAQ?

No problem! We will happily respond to any questions, concerns, issues, or anything else you require via phone, fax, e-mail, or on-site consultation. We are here to help!