The pharmacist/ co-owner Scott and Terry (co-owner) are both AWESOME!! They’re friendly, personable, and they always go above & beyond to help you find/order what you’re looking for, whether it’s OTC, Rx Meds or home-health products. They do their very best to get you what you need w/ true, genuine compassion and care.
I’ve had positive experiences w/ the pharmacy staff as well. They’re very friendly on the phone (compared to my past experiences w/ rude, aggravated walgreens employees who couldn’t get me off the phone quick enough, almost always cutting me off while speaking and then try to hang up w/me as fast as possible). The pharmacy staff at Castellon ALWAYS call back me when they say they will- which is extremely important to me- esp. when I’m waiting to hear back on the status of an insurance issue, or a call back from the doctor’s office etc.

Lastly, ya just can’t beat those prices!!
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