This is one of the tried and true mom and pop pharmacies that is still around. Some a-hole tripped me during a kickball game and I skinned up my knees something awful. They got all nasty and infected. I knew about this special wound dressing used after surgeries and such, and went searching for it. Called all the big name box stores and no luck. Also no help as to where I might find it. Tried castellon and got the manager. He said he might have some, put me on hold and searched and searched to find it. When he finally did he realized that it was expired and he wouldn’t be able to sell it. A few hours later, I got a call from him (guess he has caller id) and he said that even though it was expired it might work and he would be happy to give it to me rather than throw it away. Each sheet or dressing is almost $20.

No way you are gonna find that kind of service at these big chain stores. Walgreens on Carrollton/Claiborne is positively the worst. The pharmacy especially.

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